Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Manifesto For the FU&%ing Middle.

This post was originally published in a different site of mine, but I thought I'd share here too. Short story is this: I meditate. I meditate every day. I haven't missed a day in over a year.
Strange things happen all the time. Ask anyone who knows me. ALL. THE. TIME, so I keep "Medijournals." Literally...I have about eight filled with my daily gratitude lists, love and light recipients...etc. ( see below pics.) 
Yesterday, sitting in my little serenity spot, I wrote the following, by hand, in the journal (see other pic) in about eight minutes.
 I'm not sure what I was on about, but I agree with me. I think. So there it is. The illustration above it was something Id started as a pastel underpainting that morning. My motivational speech to....ME? Meh. I like it. 
Note: Any "Clunky paragraphs," misspellings, missing commas, or awkward commas are the fault of Brent Jenkins. Thank you. 
We, I, you, the whole (thing), is fusing back in anti-Pangaea style. Pulled by the subconscious ocean of love, acceptance, truth and the loudening whispers of the general good that exists in the world.
We are the dreamers and the doers. The “don’t hate “ and “don’t take yourself so seriously, dude.” –type of “middle.” We, the ones who “ask to gain wisdom; but don’t preach for ‘follows” know that likes are a lonely barometer in a quite world of text, pings and insta-things.
Give OF yourself again, or… for the first time. GIVE a little in all this indulgent, bat-shit receiving.
Lean forward to your next “now” which is shared here- with me, us, all. Now is given to none of the elite or special, but allowed for each of us like time and money. Lean over and belly flop, swan dive or fall, fast into an open invitation from the universe that is letting you be WHO YOU REALLY ARE.
Risk the rebellion ripple. 
Risk the heart-stuff spilling. 
Risk the meaningless muse of “embarrassment” and “Also-ran” mentality in fear of losing. What if you don’t lose? Better yet, what if you WINbut on your terms, according to YOU?
How can anyone truly worry about the thoughts of a collective that’s cracked out on corn sugar, cunning politics, computers and the cold confusing anti-consciousness that looks like an energetic moving sleep-walkway?
Are we just too “busy” non-collaborating, self-congratulating and posting our false feats to social media as a judge and jury of hypocritical adults? These same adults, the meanest of which, are each hiding his own inner-child.
A “child” in them that is hidden but riddled with original hurts and therefore can’t truly see themselves because criticism distracts us while we are diligently amassing transient tokens to prove something. Others are feverishly manufacturing photos instead of creating experiences to heal and acknowledge a vulnerability that strangely, is possessed, by each and every other human on earth!
It’s all too much to ask, I know…Let’s wait for the “right time.” The “right circumstance” or “the right initiative.” Something will be at the end of the tunnel…. a light to illuminate us back to living or a train that this is dumbing down an entire existence, ego or entitlement generation., right? Right. You are right!
That is exactly what I’m talking about.
Scramble to the center. Few at first, but plenty…then…
Find those seeking sincerity, but try not to scowl at them for being so just because you forgot what it looked like. 
Leap into a love of self that is not selfish, but a necessary stepping-stone to raise, build or be a value-add in a family, workplace or society.
Trust yourself.
Believe in you, not in ways of being pious, exclusive and/or pretentious.
Engage in a loving, trusting compassion for all and fucking find some other word for “oneness” so you don’t feel too “esoteric”, “new-age” or “off mainstream.” (God Forbid, what would "they say about you?!)
But then, try it without judging or comparing or sizing up a way to realign more with the empty categories of “cool” some idiot spouted off on a twenty-four hour cable news channel.
Find your fucking fear and hold it in the deepest embrace you can muster.
Walk beside it, come what may, but stand solid and sure-footed In ALL of yourself, the whole shebang exactly AS YOU ARE….
HERE and desperately in this moment…you, I, they, we, together.
The “thing” we’re each waiting for. You are that “thing.”
You feel it and we can reveal it.
No attention-seeking cacophony and stir necessary.
Stand in yourself. 
Stand for something. 
Stand sincere
Stand silent or screaming, 
But know WHO you are.
Believe in betterment. 
 BE, TOGETHER, who we’ve been hoping would come to change us. Be here.
Be now. 
Be the bold Meliorism. Look it up. It’s a word…maybe not on wiki or UD, but it’s in your dictionary.
Love and levity and light and more love,
Sing with me: "It's gonna take a lotta looooo-vvvvveeee...."

"Shimmer with a smile. Life is hard, bloom anyway."