Thursday, December 17, 2015

Words. Words. Words...

I have a friend  that I will leave nameless and refer to as "Jeff Weldy" who used to mock me and my long emails/instant starting a sentence and then writing: "words...words..words..." It never got old. Never.

"So there once was this old broad. She lived back in the eighteen hundreds, did stuff, said stuff and was wicked smart, like knew things and gave people good ideas for when they needed them. "

"A woman named Florence Scovel Schinn was, to me, a ingenue and prolific mentor whose thoughts and translations of life, spirit, universe, the collective and of course, common sense, still ring truer than nearly any "new age" teacher of today."

Two of her more popular books are titled: "The Game of Life." and "Your Word is Your Wand."

I have this debate all too often. People often tell me "you put too much value in words." or "Its semantics" or "Its not about the lyrics, its the music." or "They are just words, jeez, that's not what I meant."

Now, that would be fine and dandy if WORDS were not one of the main vessels of communication other than body language. Especially, in a day and age when people look at cell phones, tablets and computer screens instead of eyes, faces and feel the energy between two people sharing thoughts and feelings. I am on the "Your word is your wand." side of things.

Florence means it in many ways. ( So I believe.) Mostly in the idea that what you put into the universe matters. The vibrational power of saying or writing your goals, your dreams, your manifestations, your apologies...etc indeed carry some kind of power.  They actually have a weight and depth (atomically speaking) once they are released. She even goes on to say they are still extremely effective when NOT released. Who can argue that?

Say in your head only: "I'm a horrible person." twenty times and then say: "I'm a valuable, loving, and unique person of worth and smiles." Test that theory. You'll see what I mean.

So, back to words. Those "silly" letters put together to make sounds describe things. ( I jest.) Truly. I am so in love with words, and words mean everything to me. That said, I realize that we see (or hear) things as WE are, not as THEY are. I get that, and I am usually good at taking it into consideration. That does not mean I am not guilty of misplacing anger, transference or straight-up projecting my own crap into the words I say to others. I'm human.

In Florence Scovel Schinn's Book: "The Magic Path of Intuition" she talks often about manifesting and positive affirmations. In "lesson 3" she chose the word "Sweep" to explain how to clean out any inner words, thoughts, or ideas that do NOT SERVE you or your greater purpose.

"The word sweeps gives you a picture of action. This spiritual broom sweeps out all belief in lack, loss, failure, resentment, inharmony, sadness, etc. You are asleep to your good while these negative thoughts clutter your mental house. You resent someone, thereby giving that person power to harm you. You feel you are a failure, therefore missing your opportunity for brilliant success. You are overwhelmed with with a feeling of loss, and that friends and prosperity have gone from your life. You are still asleep in the "dream of opposites." Wake up and you will find a new world of health, wealth and happiness with every desire of your heart fulfilled. It is brought about by your word, for your word is your wand." 

Let me remind you, she was a America, published in 1925. It is so inspiring to me, and also disheartening, that we ( the collective) had such knowledge and still, STILL go on berating ourselves and each other instead of sweeping out the negative.

So here we are. I'm grabbing my emo-broom, today and for the entire new year of 2016.  How about you?

"Shimmer with a smile. Life is hard, bloom anyway."

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