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The Possibility Disco and John O'Dono (O'Donohue): Part 1: Simultaneity

Part 1: Simultaneity- A look at circles and spirals from a genius Ex-Priest, philosopher, poet:

(Part 2: "Simultaneous endings and beginnings in my 2015. "Part 3: "Hope Happens when you least expect it.")

I was listening to the words of John O’Dono (Yes, I’m on friendly terms with him.) and as he got to the portion of simultaneity, it struck a chord within me. He believes in circles and the rotundness of life. How time may not be at all linear but rather constant beginnings and endings.

In that context his words danced into comparison of music and death and analogies that seem to work in revolutions or orbits of each other. To paraphrase how I received his message is that  darkness and light, fear and boldness, silence and sound are all siblings or in relation to each other on a deep level of co-existence and balance.

I love the beauty in circles and the infinite. I love the swirls of Van Gough and DNA spirals,  shells and tree rings, Einstein’s theory on energy and even the way my incence smoke resists piercing the air in straight lines, but in curves and spheres and waves of spinning around itself like the planets and stars and all that finds itself in constant vibration and churning of sorts. 

Take a listen of this Video of John O'donohue at Oxford: (40. 08) He speaks on "Simultaneity" and time, and spirals.

Creativity is when the sound comes out of the silence, and beauty and truth can spin and swirl to make new what might have already existed, but with a new perspective. It is the unique twist or turn or light shed, that makes us all valuable artists, from which anyone and all of us can learn so much.

Simultaneity can bring on visions of sci-fi movies, or quantam physics and the whole parallel universe idea. Instead I think of simplicity. Simple existence of multiple things at once in varying stages. We are perfectly accepting of the concept in other forms. My three children grow up in the same environment with extremely similar genes, but at varying stages of life. A tree bears leaf and fruit from the same source at varying stages, survivial rates and so on. I know it seems too simple, but what if it is that simple?

Measurement is made of time passing. Measurement is taken by amounts of liters or ounces filling a holder. Measurement is used to determine the distance from one place to another. These very necessary boundaries hold within them universal ways for us as a collective to interpret all kinds of stuff.

What if we started all over again? The wheel, the naming of that big fire ball in the sky rising and the deepness of that absence of light? Could measurements of all things come in different forms than passing time, or what have you? I think so. I can’t be sure…but why not?

I wrote the quote below (with the original image provided by my VERY Irish friend, Maggie Larson) about my life being a centrifuge. I hadn't even heard of John O'dono, but I'd (rather painfully) come to this conclusion of circles and recycles of life on my own.

So why then do things have a definite end and a beginning that WE, the lowly (not fully capable of understanding nor discovering and labeling ideas with science that can absorb the vastness)  humans who are created by a source we can’t quite prove, living in a universe we can’t quite explain thouroughly, we who posses these many ranges of feelings and emotions, we who haven’t a grip on controlling, we who cannot always make sense and who is often crippled by the whole point that we are here….yes, why then are we so determined to make definite explanations? Seems pretty arrogant or self-indulgent to me.

I like how John O’dono explains his belief of the “Kingdom of Simultaneity” in this excerpt:

He states:
“Time is usually a linear kind of time, moment day, week, and so on. Another level of time, where time is a complete circle, where everything that has happened, and is happening and is yet to happen are somehow all-together within the one embrace. Maybe that’s what the idea of “eternal” means.  That there is no division or separation anymore, and that maybe everything really is as one.  And I think maybe that is what the dead experience and those not yet born. Maybe that is where they live?”

I have none of the answers. I have hunches, I have strange hypothesies and enlightened moments of clarity, and then my three- year old poops on the floor, or my ten year old screams because of some YouTube video. And I’m living here now in this (also spinning) mini-universe of my mini-circus. And I accept that John O’Dono, and all the beauty and wonder to be considered, is also existing in my seemingly inconsequential smaller life of children’s laughter, a young girl understanding letters and words that turn to reading, while a young tween is in the raging stages of becoming.

Beauty is all around us. It’s in absolutely everything with surprise and delights of the fresh dew to the dry, thirsty ground, or the worm rising just in time for the swallow to grasp it as the dolphin gives birth and a tree sprouts to begin its germination and exhalation of life to give us air. It’s all simultaneous and so intricately braided together that we ( I) have found myself in awe again.

I am not classically religious, nor do I define myself by my ever-changing ideas ( see post on "Contradiction" ) of all of it to one specific group. I believe in love. I believe serving lovingly and giving love truly is the deepest beauty possible.

"Shimmer with a smile. Life is hard, bloom anyway."

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