Monday, November 16, 2015

Holding to Hope: Responsibility vs. Reactions.

It's 10:00am , November 16th, 2015. An elementary school not a mile away from my house and my three kids (in a different school in the same district)  just got evacuated due to a bomb-threat (that I'm hoping was some sick prank.) I've been moody and sullen since Friday morning, so too, has most of our world. People on social media fighting about who is more "patriotic" or "media coverage and the selective choice to show Paris vs. Kenya." Or "the controlling powers set up of this violence."

Most of us don't know what to help, or heal or make a dent in such a messy large-scale situation. The thing is...we are all scared. We are all hurt and angry that such loss can happen for what? A belief, shock, power? We are sad to feel unsafe and uncertain of anything.

That is understandable, but there is a choice here. The privileges we all (in first world countries) have today are because of hard-fought wars and pain-staking loss. We have the right to say, think and  feel what we want without persecution. This is a blessing, but also a responsibility.

Hearts need to mend in the making of peace.
Energetic solidarity of hope, compassion and the will to see love prevail is potent.
More judgments, more fingers pointing and more violence is reactionary, and less temporary than you may think.

Love each other now.
Put the past in the wakes of yesterday.
Hold hands.
Hug your children.
Lend a hand to your neighbor without invitation to do so.
Brainstorm ways to teach tolerance and the bravery of believing in betterment.
Fight the force of fear that pushes you to pass the toxic thoughts forward in frenzy.

The darkness is only as strong as the absence of lights that turn or get sucked in.
Light your heart.
Light your compassion.
Light your loving kindness to beget and build and bring illumination instead of ignorance.

Have your feelings, allow your hurt, shock and anger, but with love and strength,
Transform instead of transfer
what could become more of the same.
Hope for peaceful ways to eradicate the lowly lost souls of blind difference and disdain.

Hold tight to your beliefs in good.
Hang on with whole heart to the greater collective of loving power.
Heighten the awareness and absolutely necessary mood of support and sustained compassion.
Our children, your grandchildren, your beautiful world of loving, sunrise and sunsets
Needs to be seen by those we've brought into this world.
Seen by eyes of youth and wonder, and safe from barbarity and boiling points.

Laugh if you need to, claim these words are "silly" and "stupid."
No label or name is offensive if in your heart you participate in promise and possibilities instead of power and pain. I ask you, what is lost, what is embarrassing, what is weak in
Standing together, chest out,  hearts open, hands intertwined?
With our children and generations to grow as witness, hold dear the blessings we have had, can have and will create by building from the broken.

For breaking more spirit and each other or stomping all over the sacred beauty and commonality of what times like these bring to surface, we then, are playing into,
 not out of,  the same malice.

I am not against war, lawful persecution, punishment or even fighting. So perhaps that will piss a different set of people off, but I am so very painfully aware right now that we need more love, acceptance, and agreement with each other in a time when reacting with hate, blind rage and hurtful divisive words and actions feels natural. I know we have a stake in humanity, one soul at a time...but the point is, one starts and encourages another with the exact same inertia as the darkness sweeps over masses.

We all have in us the power to protect, preserve and promote humanity and heart conscious actions. We do. You do. I do. I choose tolerance, compassion and a loving power that pushes the need to be "right" or "revenge" or ridicule away to make space for solutions that push us together to stand up and at least add some light to the sea of darkness and rage. It may not be quantifiable, or measurable or something you can brag about at a cocktail party, but I assure you, it makes a difference. You make a difference, and spreading love and compassion vs hate and anger can change so much.

If we all believed one person's light is pointless and it's futile, whom then, can we blame when it all goes dark?

Flamethrowers: I light my heart for humanity and hope. 
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