Thursday, October 22, 2015

Believed, she did- A short (5min) video about digging IN to dig OUT and begin again.

"BELIEVED, SHE DID." - The Peacock Heart Company

I've been trying to launch this thing for weeks. Maybe I was scared to see it fail? Or too much of a perfectionist, even though I'll find edits and errors anyway. But because of amazing humans like John O'donohue, Elizabeth Gilbert, Marie Howe, Anais Nin, Brian Walker and so many more huge-hearted creators, I let fear ride shot-gun instead of tamper with my journey. 

I share this last minute video for the misfits, the rule breakers, the dreamers and the lovers of love. Those of us who screw up, fall down, fight ourselves and still have to get up in the morning, feed some kids or get to work and act like everything is "totally normal." 

I see you. You see me. Keep dreaming. 

I'm getting divorced, moving in a week and trying to launch a artistic online boutique to hopefully generate a way to focus on my first love: writing. I trust the whole thing will do what it does, and somehow, I KNOW because I CHOOSE to be a happy, honest and hopelessly helpful, "too-much" type of person....the difference is, I accept that. What was harder...I've finally accepted that most people won't like me because of that. 

It didn't feel as such at first but : Freedom has many shapes and subtle ways of sneaking in and letting you breathe easier. (i.e: Gratitude or Self-care solitude)  Freedom from your self-critical mind, your expectations to assimilate and get myopic or even the simple ability to smile and stand deep in yourself...knowing full-well that there is far more to go. 

I've missed my google+ friends, writer and poet friends...but I'm climbing out of the lonely, yet lovely places like my office/studio, website-development and administrative work. I'm rubbing my eyes, but back to the land of words (and paint,) to let life carry the wings of this "thing" wherever it shall go. 

What's your dream? And why the F*%k not go for it?????


"Shimmer with a smile. Life is hard, bloom anyway."