Tuesday, September 22, 2015

" You Are What You Love..Not What Loves You" - What About The Middle? (Video)

All kinds of things make me stop in my tracks every day. Nothing surprises me though. I'm never shocked at how low people can sink, or the petty need to spread negativity. I'm also  not shocked when I hear of someone trying to add some light and sunshine into the mix without judgment. 

I saw this video a couple days ago, and I sent it to my good friends that ruminate on such issues with me all the time. WHERE IS THE MIDDLE? Why are we all trying so hard to be....something else? Take a look. It's worth it. 

I am in awe of the universal laws that continue to teach constancy. I may change, so may my situations but these laws, when you pay attention, are the same:
  •          You give and you shall get back, not always in the forms you seek, but in the ways you need.
  •           Love is always the answer. Love and compassion and a propensity to accept what is will always lead you to the most simple and true answers to all things.
  •           Self-care is an extension of oneness. In loving and respecting and treating oneself with absolute acceptance, forgiveness and love will and can only lead to the same treatment of others. It is only the sad, unhappy and harshest to themselves,  that are the harshest to others.  When you love yourself wholly, you can not be mean, offer ill will or want for anything but the same peace to others.
  •           By whatever name you may call him/it/all that is gratitude and grace should be given to the energy and creator of all our blessings, daily, if not hourly. It is only from a place of gratitude that anything of beauty and peace can be found.
  •         What you focus on, will be the fundamental fruition you find in your life. Your word and thoughts are attractors and magnets that bring back the very vibration and essence of what you will receive. Choose wisely, and respect your innate right to manifest that which you place your focus on.
  •          Forgiveness is the deepest of emotions that we can offer to all. Forgive those who have hurt you, left you, angered you, betrayed you, and forgive yourself for those things that you hold shame for. In forgiving, as the greatest teachers preach, we can all find a place of calm and burdenlessness. There is no positive outcome from holding grudges, anger or vengeance. No one thing, no group of horrific acts can be let go by force and holding. Only can the horrific be transmuted into the holy or honorable in our OWN choice to forgive and find the fortitude to move forward light-hearted.  
  •        You already posses all that you need, right now. Just as the universe is infinitely capable of magic and mundane and miracles, you too, are full of an entirety of all things, it is only a matter of acceptance and letting go of limiting beliefs. Has the universe to prove to itself that it has more galaxies, or life forms, or magnetic pulls? Does the universe seek validation for its existence and all the components that have lead to it being what it is today, and why? Yeah...NO.
  •         There is so much gained from trying to gain nothing, but instead to give all you can to being. Being is far superior to getting, going, trying. It is free, and you have that gift now, and every minute. Embracing it is the only way. The rest will come as it should, and your trust in that is not a pursuit to something, but rather a presence in now.
  •       Remember that no truth is the only truth. Every heart and every truth is as it should be for each of us. There is no “rightness” and “wrongness” based on one or any sole reasoning or belief. The compass of the soul is so very clearly the heart, and where the heart approves there is only the direction of love, and that is what is right for you. 
I'm not claiming to know much. I think a lot and I've been trying to understand and let go at the same time. Ha! Not an easy task. So take what makes sense, or none at all. Throw it back out there if it doesn't fit you or your life style. If you find yourself judging me, even better. Ask yourself why?

To come back to the video and those wise words: "You are what you love; not what loves you."


"Shimmer with a smile. Life is hard, bloom anyway."

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