Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thinking On It: "No Sorrow?"

What would it look like if there was no sorrow to contend with?
Would you be moved and drawn to beauty or take it for granted?
Would a story be impressive or inspiring if all things had been content and easy?
Would a challenge even be a challenge if no one had the capacity to comprehend it?
Could love be tormenting and torrid and as equally transforming and transcendental?
Could a mark upon your heart be present to remind you to heed the lonely road of self-betrayal?
Could a mood change and swing so fast that time stood still to allow for extremes in comparison?
How would happiness feel if no heartache were known?
How different would that feel from wearing socks everyday or your hair on your head?
How would a tear be categorized and what mark in a moment does it make? Joy or joyous joy?
How would you know your soul wasn't lost in the crowd of assimilating to numb?
What would it look like if there was no sorrow to contend with?
It would look like the manila wafer, soggy and bland
or  the grey soot-covered snow, and the barren river valley where water once could flow.

It is a sight, a feeling and place I shall never, not in my life, or any other, want to know.

"Shimmer with a smile. Life is hard, bloom anyway."

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