Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Shimmer-words and Lovely logophilic morsels.

People seemed to enjoy my last post defining ten of my favorite things...words. 

I love the way one, seemingly innocuous word has the power to explain four emotions most people knew they had experienced but never found such a succinct, yet thorough way to explain it. Yes. Words matter....to me at least. I was the kid who when bored, would pull out a dictionary and write down words for FUN. Ha. I did other "cool" things, I swear.

I will say that I am fully aware of my obvious and embarrassing ability to botch spelling or typo no matter how much I try. I blame my parents and their languages, or Uni in Australia, or poetry. Yes! That's why...less rules. My first love was writing poetry and thereby explaining everything. You can still LOVE to make and eat cookies even if you burn a couple each batch...just saying.

Enjoy these delicious "cookies" from me to you. I winged some sentences. Forgive them...I'm delirious.

Ludic (adj.) full of fun and high spirit.
"So that guy, um...over there, right behind the gaggle of girls talking to each other...he is ludic! I saw him karaoke Elton John at the after party, without music."

Frowzy (adj.) habitually unkempt.
"Her skin sagged and hung sallow from days of no sleep. Her frowzy appearance caused people to cross the street to avoid close contact in fear of smelling her."

Sapiosexual (n.) one who is attracted to, or aroused by intelligence in others.
"I would be remiss to tell you that I am a recovering sapiosexual; I can't promise I won't judge your lack of smarts as it is my only and most visceral draw to a woman." he said on his first Tinder date.

Kalon (n.) beauty that is more than skin deep.
"With hips wider than most other girls, and eyes quite close together she was a homely sort, but it was her heart's breadth and even her mind's ability to soothe without words that made her a true Kalon. Beauty with Helen, was something you felt, not saw."

Tacenda (n.) things better left unsaid; matters to be passed over with silence.
"The tacenda of Earl's untimely death and it's correlation to his latest sexual escapades was adhered to by all. No one broke that unspoken rule of the unspoken."

Forelsket (n.) the euphoria experienced by an individual when first falling into love with someone (thing.)
"She was having trouble concentrating in class due to the tingle in her energy and the heightened awareness of the fledging relationship. She was doomed to get destroyed, but her heart could not deny the forelsket brewing within it."

Selcouth (adj.) unfamiliar, rare, strange and yet marvelous.
"Stepping off the dilapidated boat was a feat of balance. As his foot hit the shimmering sand and the salty air softened his hair, it was the selcouth mix of emotions that dropped him; seeing her face again after so long was scary and incredible all in one."

Petrichor (n.) the smell of earth after rain.
" Even as a child, Molly recognized the rich mineral and wet petrichor as home. Ireland always greeted her with olfactory sensations first."

Habromania (n.) delusions of happiness
"Mike's habromania and inability to see his own false of glee was becoming more worrisome than we were willing to admit."

Cicatrize: (v.) to find healing by the process of forming scars.
"There were no words, no expressions, nothing she could write to explain how she was to cicatrize in this molten hot fire of finding herself. The battle of this journey would leave a mark, but the arrival at authentic happiness was imminent."

My favorite Florence Scovel Shinn quote: "Your word is your wand." 
See? Five words put together make a sentence that is so thick and dense with meaning on many levels. How do people not love words? So strange.


"Shimmer with a smile. Life is hard, bloom anyway."

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