Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Beginnings and Endings- The backstory for le coeur de paon

Anyone close enough to really know me, probably doesn't even know me now. Ha.
They would, however, know that I've been in my home-office for the better part of every day since May. Why? Because I'm a writer. Writing is in my veins, my soul, my sanity.

The catch: Writing is NOT the most lucrative career (for most.) It also is one of the slowest build-up and get paid professions there are. I've seen amazing novelists have to self-publish, wait three years for their material to get noticed in masses and THEN, get published and gain "fame" or "success" in mainstream. I don't really hold my breath, but I hold all the hope in the world for the Trilogy I'm knee deep in.

What then? Well, I started painting to fill the need for creative outlet when I was burnt out or when words didn't fall out of me. (Mostly, because I have three kids, am going through divorce and getting long uninterrupted time is hard to come by.) Writing requires, for me at least, solitude, loud music, emotions...but painting doesn't.

I'm a risk-taker, a dream-maker and a lover of all things emotionally charged, soulful or even the slightest bit helpful or thoughtful. So I started making painting that mean something. I incorporated my original photography, and writing and it just kept coming.

I'm no genius, or brilliant artist, but I care. I care a lot. Too much, I'm sure, so it's a healthy and creative way to love. We all might sit around laughing at "Lulu's cute little endeavor during her mid-life divorcee stage." or....I may just have found a financial way to pay for the time I need to write. Either way, I'm loving it. I'm glowing in the fun and challenge and heat of nay-Sayers.

Click below to see the a five-minute back story video I made to give people a glimpse. Be nosy, be inspired, laugh at me, it's your choice. I choose to believe. In myself, in this whole journey and that endings and beginnings have a way of weaving and surprising us all.

Beginning and Endings - The Peacock Heart

Beginnings and endings- The Peacock Heart from Lulu Salavegsen on Vimeo.

"Shimmer with a smile. Life is hard, bloom anyway."

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