Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Beginning again...and again...and again. I call "bulls&it" on Fear.

Scared ? Ask yourself three questions: 
1. Does it feel right?
2. Is the fear stopping me healthy or hindering?
3. What would I tell my grown son/daughters to do from my heart of hearts?

Seriously. Why and who taught us that " we can't?" or " we shouldn't think we could?"

I'm going rogue and believing in my right to abundance of hope, faith and gumption to try and trust in my abilities. I believe in everyone's. I am launching a "business" I started 8 weeks ago in the coming weeks. I'm getting close.

Will I fail? I sure as shit hope not! 

But seriously...? If I do fail, I'll get up again. I always do. Now is the time of rebellion against the BS we've all learned about our limits or lacking capacities. NOW is the only time we know we have. If I could unlearn all the junk I've heard and taught myself to believe, I'd listen better to that inner voice that whispers:  "Oh f&ck yes, you can!"


"Shimmer with a smile. Life is hard, bloom anyway."


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