Thursday, July 23, 2015

Wing-Maker - Motherhood is many things. Three poems about my best accomplishments.

So,  It would only make sense that on the day I felt compelled to do watercolors and write about my children, my oldest had the kind of attitude that makes one question what they are doing wrong. I'm glad I had finished before we had to have the talk on gratitude and perspective.  I meditated, let it go, and here they are.  It's the way of motherhood: The grace, the growth, the thankless and the thought of how fleeting it is. I always hear a voice in my heart telling me that I will miss these squabbles and the countless "Mama!" screams my two-year old belts out.

One of my favorite quotes about giving 
freedom and space is from The Dalai Lama XIV.
Below are three little poems I'm going to put in each of my children's photo books. 
"The Wing-Maker."
Every mother taking good care to raise her children well have
raised them to have wings to fly. What I'm too often reminded of, is how hard it will be when they actually I want them to be independent, and strong and fearless in most ways, but I'm human and know that I'll miss the little in them, and the little things of now. 


"Shimmer with a smile. Life is hard, bloom anyway."

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