Friday, July 17, 2015

Over the moon for moon magic.

I'll admit it, I was the type of person who would be fast asleep by nine pm. Maybe it was being a parent to three young kids, or just lazy or habit.  I've always been in tune monthly with the full moon, and never sleep on new or full ones, but I've romanticized lunar magic a bit more lately in doing research for a novel I'm writing.

I love this song: "Moon Goddess" and the pictured word above. I  wrote the below poem that has a pretty interesting story.

I was meditating the other evening. I sat at my desk, and did a short guided meditation on manifesting your dreams and writing. Sounds a bit hokey, but I'm pretty open minded if it has anything to do with being creative and calm.

When I "came out" of meditation, I wasn't what I'd call overly energetic. I actually didn't want to open my eyes. Ha. So I didn't. I sat at my desk and typed with eyes closed. My favorite kind of writing is free-form, stream of consciousness. It's the kind of soul-writing that can either make zero sense or shock me when I re-read it.

Below is the (long) poem that I wrote in less than twelve minutes with my eyes closed. I had to edit spelling or commas, but that's nothing new. Try it.  See what happens when you just let your words fall out. You might shock yourself.


"Shimmer with a smile. Life is hard, bloom anyway."

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