Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I'm old, but literallllllly, still hip(ster) material: The Silver Lake Chorus and FatherJohn Misty and Donald Cumming working it out.

It's a rainy hump day. Two things make it precious to me...1. It's my last day in my house without my three adorable and silly kids because they were at the Grandmothers. This translates into "Free" writing. No sitters necessary. 2. It's summer, but soggy out. That removes all the guilt I'd otherwise feel, about sitting in my office for multiple hours at a time.

My musical tastes, like my past boyfriends, have absolutely NOTHING in common, nor can they be traced to a pattern, genre or a cheesiness benchmark. I will sway and hug myself shamelessly to nearly any Fleetwood Mac or America song. "I don't see nothin' wrong.." with rapping nineties jams or R&B ballads.

Yet, melancholic troubadours like Joni Mitchell or Nick Drake to Ray LaMontagne or Ryan Adams make my heart sing. I will also gladly partake in "silly" mainstream songs made and over-produced by teenagers. I can sing such poppy junk with my children now. I adore Pale Blue, a true illbient group,  or TKST and Japanese House for late night writing spells or even meditation at times. Word. I know. I'm not an iconoclast. I guess, I'm just...being honest?

My friend made me do this hipster immi (My new word for Imitation.) ((...It's also..a palindrome.))

****NOTE***** I actually have absolutely NO issue with most humans. We were tired, it was late, and we decided to make fun of how I used to try to be "uber cool." Nothing but love, hipster, or otherwise. 

#MomChickWhosLikeOldAndStuff does like, a fry Immy of a hipster. Ya.
from Lulu Salavegsen on Vimeo.

In the past I would have grimaced along with (now) hipsters and disdainfully listed off more obscure and self-important knowledge of the mutt-mix of genres like "Typewriter Folk House."  Then, I'd have disagreed with myself, and pulled my mustache dismissively just because I could and I was a douche bag.

So here we are. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the music I bought today. The most un-saintly but satirical Father, an edgy chorus group (yes, I said chorus.) and a Virgin from the Virgins.

If you feel the urge to "X" out now...DON'T. (or, like, whatever.)  At least listen to this satirical, but melodically beautiful: "Bored in the USA" I was hooked because one must be rather smart to be so spot-on and clever.  Lyrics like: "They gave me a useless education. Sub prime loans, Craftsman homes, keep my prescriptions filled, but I can't get oooo-fffff, but I can kind of deal....with being bored in the USA." make me laugh and cry a little. So good.

The Silver Lake Chorus
Right. I thought so too, but no! It's not glee or your grandmother's choral songs! Several amazing artists/vocalists are changing the harmonic landscape with a coolness that has a unabashed love for musicality and layered arrangements. (Words words words, I know nothing...)

Try to listen to "Nervous Soul" or "Salted Wound" and NOT get chills or be emotionally moved. If you are unaffected, you have no soul. It's true. Soulless, you are.  I also love the lyrics of "Same Song." - "All your diplomas looking down on my neglected songs." (Preach!)
Buy it here. I did!

Below is a clip of Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie) doing rehearsals with TSLC on "Nervous Soul."

Then there's this guy who serenaded me all rainy, long day.
Donald Cumming (Virgins, no...the band. Never mind.) I'd say he sounds like Tom Petty, but his voice has its own vibrational quality of a sexy Elvis Costello from New York with a new age soul but smokey trail of earnest emoting circa thirty years ago, but now. (Right onnnnnnn.)

Yup. It feels like true false-intimacy. DonCum croons to my personal wounds in my dim-lit office and I write my probably-never-to-get-published novel. You're welcome. On both points. I jest. I'm not snarky. I do, however love "Working it out" and "Shadow tears."

His Album: Out Calls Only  available for download. Go work it out. I'm going back to my midnight music makers.

Love you. Be cool. Just like I'm not. Who's Van Morrisonnnnnnnn?

"It's all happening."


"Shimmer with a smile. Life is hard, bloom anyway."

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