Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Musical Musings: The Kite String Tangle Band & Dustin Tebbutt, The Japanese House and All We Are.

Once a month, I look for new and inspiring music. I am pretty wide-ranged on tastes, but I lean more towards “singer/song-writer” genre. Some artists I’ve loved lately are: Areiola Jacobs, Kacey Muscgraves, Hozier, Anna Scounten, and so many others that just don’t fit into a category.

So that leads me to the artists I mention today. I am in a strange tempest of emotions, changes, affects of other people’s passing moods, and the more physical transitions of life with kids, haters, lovers, teachers..etc. 

I write to soothe and smooth all the jagged corners of broken ideas, situations, and myself. It helps. So, too, does good music that inspires me. I'm truly a lyrics-lover, but as with all the changes I’m encountering, I force myself out of that comfort and have been attempting more kinetic, and full music.

I, historically, (as long as you don’t count my dance club and happy-house rave days) don’t like “alternative” or “EDM” music. That has changed a bit. Like, me you may picture music made for dancing and glow sticks. That would be wrong. 

They have a quality to them that sneaks into your pores, and ears, and beats are felt in the heart, the mimic echo, the white-nose vibrations and tonal changes. Humor yourself, its nothing like I’d ever have listened to in the past, but there is something meditative and thoughtful in the selections I present. Humor me. 

My favorite one right now, outside of “Pale Blue” which I’ll feature in it’s own strange post, is  

“Sister” by The Japanese House

Back in the “MySpace” days, I had Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek" as my profile song. This track reminds me of the airy and hauntingly beautiful harmonies and multi-octaves. 

What I like more is the dynamic change of music in the journey of the song...It picks up in pace, with a thumping beat that lifts your spirit. And of course, the lyrics. A poem in itself. 

Heart in my hand
We’ve broken the bread
And I choked on a thread
Again and again

Fist in a botch
My arms as they haul
Away from your body
Away from your skin

You see, that’s my twin
She’s standing aside and she’s my next of kin
If only you knew what resided within

I won’t let her in
That would be callous and crass
A chip on my chin
You didn’t want me back

Stark in the dirt
Can you tell that she’s hurt?
So sharp and alert
She’s such a clean breathe

Start and  emerge
I’m a ghost that I was
A sister of her
And I’m all the same

I’ll never give in
How could I applause you with all that she’s sinned
She feels like hell and I know ‘cause I’ve been

The Kite String Tangle and Dustin Tebbutt  (say it five-times fast) or say: TKSXDT

This track is so multi-layered. I like the twinkling two-tones at the start of it. If sound were light, it would be sparkling and prismatic.

I even hear the clap-like beating reminiscent of a child running. Beginnings and purity come to mind.  This, the juxtaposition, with the lyrics and falsetto voice singing: “ . The graduated beauty and depth of the song is actually true to it’s title.

As the words fade away
I still believe what your eyes say
Fall into your arms
I still see you illuminate
As I drop my guard
(Fall into your arms)
Your first day at the gallery
Didn't think I'd ever know where your body ends
(Fall into your arms)
Time slows for the last breath
while everything is shattering
(Fall into your arms)
Everything is shattering
(Fall into your arms)
Start telling me you'll meet me there
(Fall into your arms)
(Fall into your arms)
I wont make it, keep it to her own
(I know it's not easy)
It's been emotional, you can't see the road
(I know it's not easy)
So stop fearing, it wont be the war
Could you just let us grow
You won't let us go
To set us all apart
I wont make it, keep it to her own
(I know it's not easy)
It's been emotional, we can't see the road
(I know it's not easy)
So stop fearing, it wont be the war
Could you just let us grow
You won't let us go
To set us all apart

It in fact, illuminates. Inspiring me to write, think and feel. 

All We Are-  “Feel Safe”      

This one is different than the two above. The guitar riff and beat just make me happy. It has a bit of flavor that reminds me of the seventies revamped. 

Remember how we lost it,
Remember how we worked to make it hurt
Even though we own it
It doesn't make you feel safe, feel safe

Near the end of the song, the tinny guitar is too fun. 
The duet female/male focus is soft, and almost passive. Try it out.

So there we are. Sisters, Illuminate and Feel Safe.  Could be a cool poetic title. 

Enjoy your Sunday. I will mine. 
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