Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Introducing a new Flickr project called "Lulu Said: Words from Life."

An excerpt from: “The bottom: A Latent Discovery."Self-explanatory. 
  Point: Hope. Always have hope.
Lulu Said: Words From Life  : A mother and daughter team up across a once-estranged relationship, opposite sides of the ocean and generations of being fallible women to inspire with original quotes on original images called:  Lulu Said: Words from Life.

My description on the Flickr Album:
"This is a project born from circumstance, really. As I began blogging again in February of 2015, I needed pictures. I would search for good quotes on images. Then, one day I thought, I'll put good quotes on MY own pictures. A week later I thought, I'll compose MY own quotes on MY own pictures. 
Not because I'm possessive (I had a friend once seriously mistake the two.) but I like to be original. So, it goes....and I have these, so far. I am a logophile, and I mostly use family pictures or original landscape images that my mother takes and sends from Denmark. Her eye is keen, and I find it to be a bit of a game. 
I try to find insightful or personal words to MATCH each one. It has been quite cathartic and fun for both of us. My moods and the ever-changing circumstances of my crazy life set the tone of the words, and the images decide what they should be! 
Life interpreting art? Images of life put into words? Who knows. Who cares. They look pretty cool every once in awhile.
-Lulu "

The fun part to me is in the "photo descriptions." I have been putting some context and background behind how each one came about, with a "Point:" My summary of what the quote is trying to say.  (Very subjective and perfectly acceptable that you may throw it out as gibberish from a random person you don't know.) My current goal is to create and post two a week. We'll see how that goes. Ha.

A few examples are included here:

Rough weeks, if you're lucky lead to clear thought. So many of us get stuck prescribing advice based on what WE, ourselves, fear or want. I've noticed this most in times my life presented opportunities for me to go grow or stay. Often other people's ideas of what "my acceptable journey" should look like would have a big impact. That is human. It's even helpful as a child to a degree and growing up, until it isn't. It's more of a burden that I have come to see people's deepest motivators a little more clearly, the clarity comes only from facing our own ugly stuff first. 

Point: What one man's heaven is, could be another's hell. Who are YOU or I to decide which is which? 

The picture was taken from the balcony of my bedroom in late March, in Chicago. 
As detailed in my blog, my life and my days kept getting worse and worse. The only "thing" I found solace in, was Gratitude. 
Point: Small and simple things can be the beauty that gives you hope


This picture was taken in Mexico, September 2015. I had just meditated alone. There was a few days shortly after this trip, that got pretty overwhelming and I kept getting advice to "Stay home" or "Get home." and I meditated on the idea to really learn (for the first time) to truly go inward and stay there to listen. Point: You have all the answers you need inside yourself


I was writing a post for The Huffington Post and I loved this picture of me and my first born. I'm inspired by witnessing these kid and how they intrinsically believe in themselves. Point: Why and When did you stop believing in you?

This picture came from my mother. It was taken in Summer in the countryside of Denmark. I tried a version of this quote on a different picture. It just wasn't right. When she sent this one, it inspired words that literally calm me daily. Point: Be still, control only the things within yourself

Stay creative! Stay positive. Life is happening, and some words help simplify life.

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