Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What's your dosha-flow? Ayurvedic quiz. My quest to be a turtle, with wind.

Front of card

I used to joke with a good friend that I thought MIT students were inserting time into minutes, and that was surely why the days passed so slowly. Deep thoughts shared in the cubicles.  Surely, quantum mechanics and graduate students were creating worm-holes and time suspension tricks whilst we sat  in a maze of partitions only to notice that the computer screen clock had increased by two minutes since last we checked. This memory came to mind only because I can't imagine that luxury anymore. Time is flying. I am trying to keep up, and failing. There really isn't enough time in the day to me. After checking the mail, I opened a card from a friend who has known me a long time. It had a turtle on the front, and inside it was hand written in different colors:

"Channel the turtle. Smell the flowers. Take in the vastness of the sky. Breathe Silence. Breathe Spirit. Keep Moving forward. Truth no one can deny."

Anyone who knows me, knows that I do everything too fast. I'm not even getting broad and philosophical here. Yes, it applies under that umbrella as well, but I'm referring to daily life. My family and friends complain after meals, movies or anything completed, that I am up and moving to the next task, place or venue. I type at lightening speed, talk fast, and believe it or not, my thoughts make those things look sluggish.

It wasn't a purposeful behavior, my intention was never to rush through things, it's just the speed of my thoughts, my processing of senses, people, and circumstances. I "know" or I "don't know" immediately. If the latter is not entirely a repulsion, I stick around and learn more. I've been guilty of walking right out of a Church service that felt too stuffy or formal. I will shut down a conversation with someone I feel is hurtful or unkind, there are books I've never finished because I value my time more than the "completion" of something no one is score-carding. Other examples: peeing faster than humanly possible, changing a diaper on a child standing up, while on the phone, completing both tasks in under a minute. To this day, I can get ready (including shower/bath) under 12 minutes flat.  That's just who I am. (or was?)

"Slowly" has been something of a pet-peave to me. Based on the 5000 yr old science of Ayurveda,
A yoga master once called me "PITTA"(Fire) -dominated and always encouraged me to focus more on the other Ayurvedic forces such as "KAPHA"(Earth) or "VATA"(Wind). I laughed it off back then, never truly understanding his gentle suggestion. Fire is powerful, no? It represents strength and heat, right?

L.O.L. I was so silly.

As a cautionary tale look at me. Historically, I spoke without thinking, jumped without looking, ran before walking...etc. You get the point. Living this way had a precise way of exploding, much like fire, all around me.  For the first time, I actually see the benefits of sitting on thoughts or scrutinizing risks. I now wait until I'm decent, if at all, at anything in my life, before I continue onto the next stage. This, we call....learning to live. Yup. I'm just now getting that one down. Skip ahead if this is taking too long, or going on and belaboring a point. (tee-hee)

Inside of Turtle Card.

To slow down is an art. I have more respect for it than I do the capacity to master it.  This is why I have engaged in two major things to slow my roll:

1. Meditation. It is not as hard, or "strange" as some people think. It's akin to restorative sleep, but you are awake and actually have some control on what to focus your attention. Be it nothing, releasing anger, asking a question of yourself, or gratitude for instance.

2. Be IN the moment. Not just "when you eat, focus on your food, TASTE it." That's obvious..."play with your children, not while on the iPhone." or "Listen in a conversation, instead of prepping your next thought." I am presuming you are smart enough to know those things.   It's simple, right? Wrong. Those four words have so much more meaning. Own it or surrender.

I'm saying take that entire philosophy and blanket the thought over all things in your life. Stress doesn't change an outcome. Regret doesn't unravel events passed. By focusing only on whatever is at hand, you can actually listen to all your awareness. Bodily actions, hear your words, tap into your instincts. It is NOT simple, but it is so rewarding. When you can trust each decision you make as it presents itself, you can live with a lot less complexity.

As I typed this post, my 2 yr old was on my lap, playing with the card.
Such is life. Getting annoyed or mad does nothing to help me, so I laugh.
Surprisingly, when I reassessed myself today, I was more VATA(WIND)-dominant. It is a beautiful thing to be in better balance, and less on fire.

My Ayurvedic (Dosha), now: VATA ! Woooo-hoooo. A decent improvement in a decade.

Your scores are Vata: 6 Pitta: 2 Kapha: 2
Based on your results, you are a VATA:
Vata Characteristics
Mind:Creative, quick, imaginative
Body:Thin, light frame 
Appetite:Delicate, spontaneous, often miss meals
Routine:Variable, spontaneous
Temperament:Welcomes new experiences, excitable, friendly, energetic
Conversation Style:Loves to talk!!
Shopping Style:Buy, buy, buy.
Stress Response:What did I do wrong? Tendency to blame oneself

Know your " Dosha- Flow"! Take the quiz: On Deepak Chopra's website.

I certainly believe the Ayurvedic way is pretty in tune. It has been around for over 5000 years, and before hyper-marketing of pharmaceuticals, people actually passed down the knowledge and remedies that helped. It can't hurt to at least see what it says, right?  Take the test.

Learn more. Know better. Be your best self... in balance. 
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