Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Music Musings from emerging artists: The Native Siblings, Humming House, Ariela Jacobs, Catfish&TheBottlemen, Broken Back, James Bay and Max Frost.

NOTE: I have NO advertisers, NOR am I paid by anyone to review music. I am just a lover of mood-making melodies, kick-drum beats and new artists.

A Sunday, of Palms or Lackadaisical moods it is, but also the week's end. March comes to a close and burgeoning in front of it, April will sing Spring into the reawakening of a season. A deep breathe of fresh and full air, wet mud and blossom scents swirl in the Winter's last wind-kiss of "good-bye."

Looking for good music and an ambiance to fit my mood, I went searching. I found the following, and have been encapsulated in the warm of my office. Outside may look gloomy, but within this room with these melodic artist's fresh take on life expressed, all is good.

Catfish and The Bottlemen:
Sounds to me like: A musical skin suit made of The Smiths' facial structure, RadioHead-ish body and The Killer's contemporary color.

My take: "Fallout" is exciting to listen to, front man (Van McCann) belts lyrics with unabashed fervor, or sings soft and penetrating like a sweet kiss chased by the taste of cigarette smoke. I hear him, but get lost in the drums (Bob Hall) and bass (Benji Blakeway) in songs like "Pacifier."  Lead guitar (Johnny Bond) is neatly reckless and so very powerful in every song. Together it has a core-piercing affect on me. (A laywoman/nobody) 
These guys will have epic biographies written by women or each other in two or so decades if they can "stay pure" to being sullied by truth. I first heard them two hours ago but I'm a fu@king fan for life.

Summary in a sentence:  I want to make THEM my business, you should too, while they are authentically creating music you haven't heard before; certainly not with this many "F-bombs" while still maintaining the mature sound needed to spit them without an eye-roll.

The Native Sibling:
Sounds to me like: The Civil Wars in their emoting duets, but all their own in tone, musicality and vision. 

My take: I bought this EP, as well as their older album : "Letters Kept to Ourselves" and I am moved, not only by how poetic the words are, but both of them sing with a wholeness and the sweet folksy appeal of humans that are actually affable. I feel like I know them. You will too. It's a hug, and the relating to who we all are that offers a compassion not often found in music. Siblings, they are, indeed. Ryan and Kaylee Williams make up this duo to be discovered by YOU.

Summary in a sentence: In the single "Carry you",  they sing "I know where you are, and I'm coming to carry you home." from that line, and in the substance of their harmonized voices is all you need to know.

Ariela Jacobs:
Sounds to me like: Sara Baralies with hints of Adele and Regina Spektor.

My take: The anthemic beat in "The Sound" is coupled with her floaty falsetto that bounces and flutters like wings of a butterfly, small wisps of fresh air, musicality so subtle it could slip into pop if it wanted to.

Summary in a sentence: Pretty and playful when you see her across the bar, but she has a depth and solid hold on herself, because of this, she can offer herself up, and she does.

Broken Back:
Sounds to me like: "Stolen Dance" by Milky Chance at first listen, but they are spun uniquely in the layers of sound. The music itself is "cheery, folk-like" according to Cole Ryan. 

My take: Categorized as "Electro-Pop" but I think the limits of such labels keep listeners away. The music itself sounds like the feeling of Flamenco undertones riding waves on unique and uplifting vibes of vacation.  "Halcyon Birds" makes me so happy. The lyrics are more thoughtful than anything I'd put in "Pop."

Summary in a sentence  I dare you to try NOT to move while listening to any song on this album.  Good luck. Godspeed.

James Bay: 
Sounds to me like: James Blunt and Ray LaMontagne got drunk and took a blurred selfie of their souls to find it was "old" and born again as a love-child in James Bay.

My take: The single "Let it go" is a great example of his soulful lyrics and the whine of love, not a negative, but a very real part of the journey. "Why don't you be you, and I'll be me." The pensive promise of "If you ever want to be in love." reminds me a bit of Josh Rouse and his single: "It looks like love" -Which was written about me.*

Summary in a sentence: A true singer-songwriter with soul and wide range palatability for commercial success.

Humming House:
Sounds to me like: Absolutely no band or group I can think of. Not one.

My take: This Nashville band has so much diversity, it's hard to limit it to words. The melodies and drumbeats are unexpected and shift to surprise. "Fly On" reminds me of classic rock, then goes into Irish-folk sounds, then circles back to a great group shoulder-to-shoulder-sway-song of the great Americana harmonized music of yore. Yet, in "Carry On" story-telling and fun take over.

Summary in a Sentence: Listen to "I Am a Bird", the aforementioned two songs, and "Great Divide" and you might, but maybe not understand the versatility of this five talented musicians.

and DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, is the last Sunday song I share:
a single that makes me love the hurt of love and heartbreak for it's reminder of your pulse and all that lays ahead in comparison is :

Max Frost:
Sounds to me like: Beck and Jack White but not at all, so I say he sounds like Max Frost.

My take: This fellow Texan is brave and soulful. Referred to as a "Musical Prodigy"; his music, yet to be widely recognized, is something of a miracle and incredibly deep for ONE man, alone.

Summary in a sentence: He may make it look easy in his single: "Let Me Down Easy", but he doesn't let you down.

Every mood is subjective. Every artist has his/her own voice. It is through discovery we find what fits best, and that too can change, but for now, these six albums fit me best. 

Listen Closely. 
Be Open... to the emerging and the new, for that is living. 

* Of course it is NOT. I wish a man would sing about me, until then....I'll keep breathing.
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