Tuesday, March 10, 2015

#Shimmer-words and other quotes, mostly by Steve Maraboli. Who is that guy?

Yes. I have had a terrible day ( read: week, or two) so I was scanning through my usual social media distractions in the small spaces between poopie diapers, cleaning bed linens, school pick up and the general "hater-aid" that is drunken by the peers of my "bubble" town.

Nope, NOT from Steve Maraboli, but the rest are.
Tricked ya!  Still Speaks to me. 

So...In pure laziness, and deep, deep, very genuine interest of spreading love, positivity and general forgiveness and peace with oneself, I'm going to post pretty little quotes I liked. (in this past 45 minute span of bought-time that I negotiated to lay in my bed with three little people who are watching "Monster house."  Just keeping it real.

I found that I loved everything written by Steve Maraboli. Who is this man? I will say, right now, I didn't vet him like normal, I didn't read any of his books (yet), I'm not sure if he is Tony Robbins-like or religious, but I DO KNOW his words are affective and empowering. In short, I dig. 

Here are my (very limited and un-researched favorites):

WAIT! ( I scream to no one reading this) 

PS: If I later find out he is southern baptist, or runs a cult, or is of the "Furry Fandom" variety (No, don't look it up...Damnit, I knew you would!) I very well may STILL be a big supporter. I've lost the interest in caring where one gets their inspiration or drive to authenticity. Unless your hurting animals, kids, politically inclined to destruction or inequalities and generally don't find the human spirit innately valuable, then, and not limited to just then, I'm probably going to have a huge problem with you.  
Ok...Here we go. Again:

***YES! I misuse commas and parentheses. Have you read Marcel Proust? No? Ok. Thanks. Trust me, I know...(and I misuse ellipses) 

And lastly, I have to share this one, as I just saw it shared with me on Google+ as I write this, which means: SIGN. I'm a huge believer in signs. Seriously, it's almost as annoying as my current "Bitmoji" obsession. 

And, with that....Good night. 

Love yourself, forgive, be grateful, move forward, stop telling me what to do, wait...


(So says my mantra voice in meditation, even when I am very very very very, medusa-like very very mad. In spite of it, even. Grr. OOOOmmm.)

No really. Good night. Or morning, depending on when you read this.

GOOD DAY TO YOU! Make it count. Or count it as done. Thank you. And....I'm spent.

Take good care. 
Lovingly, losing-her-mind, 


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