Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday morning MANTRAS...get lost preverbal "rainy day"; you can't get me down!

Dance in the rain....
Things I know to be true: ( and mind you, I know nothing, but who's keeping score? You?...right. we go):

- Never wear spandex or Spanx and then eat broccoli, chili, or edamame hummus.

- A five year old can say " mommy?" At least 342 times in one day. More if you keep counting past noon. 

- Always, always start your day attempting to be KIND. You have no idea how bad anyone else's day is or what silent battle they are facing. KINDNESS gives back in spades. 

- If a banana liquefies over time, in say... a tennis bag. It smells not unlike a dead corpse. Yes, I have smelled both. Trust me. Avoid it. Toss your banana peels.

- Drink water more than you think you should. Way more...Even more than that.

- " Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels" is SO wrong. Being thin can feel gross, exhausting and debilitating. Shoot for nothing tastes as good as being HEALTHY feels

Tuesdays always have a surprise hidden in them, a shimmer, a leg-up, a fated small token of bliss, glee, love or hope. Look for it. . Always, like Waldo. Yay, tomorrow! 

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