Monday, February 9, 2015

Kacey Musgraves...She-balls to "Follow your Arrow"

You may not know me yet, but I'm obsessed with a few things:
 1. New( to me) positive perspectives.
 2. Music, lyrics and singing, usually accompanied by my interpretive dances that make my children laugh. 
3. Juxtapositions and Ironies ( non-sarcastic) Serendipity and happy surprises!
4. Lists! 

Kacey Musgraves poked a red and white Milkshake-straw into my heart two years ago while I nursed my son. Her first radio hit, Kacey Musgraves - Merry Go 'Round was melodic and melancholy. Puuurfect for baby blues and 2am feedings. Together we shared and sipped on life's malts and knowingly nodded to each other. 

Then, I looked her up. " Same trailer , different park" simultaneously broke my heart open, and healed it. When I saw her, ( Thank you, youtube, how did my instant-grat curiosity survive without you?!) I saw her...So did the CMA's in 2013, and the Grammy's in 2014.

BUT I  (and many more) fell in love because in spite or spunk of her "cute" she's got a tongue that sprouts thorny one-liners subversively poking from her stem yet comes up smelling like roses.
She sings and wisps around you like cartoon flower petals, but the lyrics actually have the strength and the sting of a bee. Fluttering away smiling. Juxtapositions!!!! Like:

  "Are you dumb or blind?/ 'cause it's a real fine line."
 " When your sad, and it's late, and you're missin' me like hell...Keep it to yourself"
 " if the straight and narrow/ gets a little to straight /roll up a joint, or don't..."

Even better? She whistles! Almost as if to put her hands in her Daisy dukes' pockets sauntering away after she's kicked the " hater's" , " ex lover's" or self righteous bitch's soap box right out from under them. ( whistle, whistle, you're gonna fall too) 

I have a girl crush. Yes, indeed. I'll see her in two weeks live.  Kacey Musgraves: 2015 Events and tour schedule 

Songs I love:

If you feel like chewing on analogies and seeing the bright side:
"Silver Lining"

If you feel judged or wanna giggle: 
Step Off (Acoustic)

If you feel weak and tender and want(or more accurately, need) to cut ties before you lost your mind: 

No matter if you love, like, or hate her.....the point is Follow YOUR arrow. If you need me, I'll be whistling and walking into the sunset, blowin' smoke, and smiling up at a all the parachutes with holes falling from the sky. 
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