Thursday, February 26, 2015

A weekly series: Friday I'm in love.....Poems and love letters from the LoveBinder. Vol. 2

Friday I'm In LOVE....A new series I'll post weekly, from yet another love binder I have found. This one follows a long-distance romance and relationship from my twenties.

The story is funny and spins in those types of circles love and life twist and fly within.

Where we met: A Tony Robbins seminar. (both of us begrudgingly sent by our parents)

How it started: He emailed a very restrained and dry email, and I replied with 400 hundred words in lights...shimmering.

What it was: A beautiful, well-documented fledgling  love between two writers, a cynic (him) and a muse(me) bouncing and reflecting each other's light and darkness with words and passion and discovery. We spoke of life, university, truth and our fathers. (both now, passed on.) Life is strange, and good, and exactly as it should be.
Where we are now: Both married (to other people) with kids, and budding writing careers. His, more than mine as he has a screenplay "in sales" mode and wide circulation. We spoke last night, 16 years after the first email was sent....All is right and fascinating.
Things of note: 
  • He ended every email with a movie quote, often started out by saying: "I only have a moment to text" and then wrote pages. 
  • I ended every email with an original poem. 
This Friday, I'll start with one of HIS (possibly drunk or hung-over) letters about remembering first seeing me:

Sunday, August 19th, 1:55pm, 1999:

I still have THAT necklace. Very impressive he noticed, no?

He ended it, with a movie quote:

"All I need is a cool set of waves, a nice warm buzz and I'm fine." - Spiccoli (Sean Penn) -Fast Times at Ridgemont High. 

I opened an email with this (excerpt):

Sunday, August 18, 9.00pm . 1999

" Hi, I had an incredible moment today. I was bored and went for a drive in the neighborhood. The sun was beginning to kiss the horizon and everything in her path was sprinkled with that golden mist, that glow...I drove on...not in the mood for a specific type of music, I tapped the radio for some kind of pick me up. The song began....peacefully sending me further into the trance initiated by the golden sunset. The breeze, the beautiful wind flew into my window, kissed me too, on the cheek and blew through my hair, and I drove on. The words from the song: "I will clear my head /and swallow the sun / and love you strong / while this love is still young" That moment, actually several moments compiled into one dreamy sequence warmed by being sending me flying to the sun and back, and I drove on. God, I love moments like that. "

The email ended with this poem:

Oh, the beautiful arrogance of being in love and expressive! 

HAPPY FRIDAY! GO SAY "I LOVE YOU" to three people not expecting it. LOVE, GIVE, LOVE MORE. and just for "TGFTR" (The guy from Tony Robbins) DRINK TOO! 

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