Friday, February 20, 2015

A weekly series: Friday I'm in love.....Poems and love letters from the LoveBinder. Vol. 1

Friday I'm In LOVE....A new series I'll post weekly, from yet another love binder I have found. This one follows a long-distance romance and relationship from my twenties.

The story is funny and spins in those types of circles love and life twist and fly within.

Where we met: A Tony Robbins seminar. (both of us begrudgingly sent by our parents)

How it started: He emailed a very restrained and dry email, and I replied with 400 hundred words in lights...shimmering.

What it was: A beautiful, well-documented fledgling  love between two writers, a cynic (him) and a muse(me) bouncing and reflecting each other's light and darkness with words and passion and discovery. We spoke of life, university, truth and our fathers. (both now, passed on.) Life is strange, and good, and exactly as it should be.
Where we are now: Both married (to other people) with kids, and budding writing careers. His, more than mine as he has a screenplay "in sales" mode and wide circulation. We spoke last night, 16 years after the first email was sent....All is right and fascinating.
Things of note: 

  • He ended every email with a movie quote, often started out by saying: "I only have a moment to text" and then wrote pages. 
  • I ended every email with an original poem. 
His original, introductory email: 

August 18, 2:22pm, 1999- From Lulu, to "TGFTR" (the guy from Tony Robbins)

"Its funny how we are always reacting, lost glances in a bar, awkward moments of words fumbling and we all persist. And we should. There's nothing like the way a man can flatten you with his eyes, or the way the smell of a woman's back can send you spinning. I've been burnt so many times, yet I'm drawn to it. Inevitably, I will seek and find all that is tangible in this game, this act. We all superimpose the image we want to be perceived as. We all dance with those fantasies in our head. Oh the beauty! A man that can knock me to my knees by saying the unexpected, blunt and forward thinking is my addiction.
Men are like chocolates, usually packaged well, but the true essence is in the gooey center that every man has. Red cherries of bitter-sweet spontaneity, coconut purity, caramel sticky-and sultry, the possibilities are endless, and I am hungry now. 
What strange little entities we are running around interacting, intellectual intercourse, the age old game of one-liners that send him thinking of you in the morning and night and every moment in between. And, its all at large, waiting for us to grab it. I've been inspired, I'm a glow for the chances of meeting and twisting into awkward bliss with someone. They way two people, when they first meet, will sit next to each other and put themselves in the most uncomfortable position just to allow their hands to touch or a knee, elbow and the feeling when it happens, the heat in your stomach the tingle in your senses....."

This one ended with a poem I called: "Poetry Sucks"

That same day,  I closed the day with a lyric that is still one of my favorites:

Wednesday, August 18, 11:16pm, 1999:

Happy Friday, fall in love, be in love, give and receive it. Go big! Go with it. 

Love is taking flight, go fly! 

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